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Tangled Webs

When Channillo digital series publishers contacted me about doing a potential series I couldn’t have been more over the moon excited. I immediately got thinking about what I could write from the kazillion stories literally colliding throughout my mind. Here’s what I came up with:

Sara Muller’s life completely transforms when she and her sisters inherit their late uncle’s entire fortune, including his beloved manor in Summerville, California . They thought that handling their uncle’s estate would be a straightforward process but they couldn’t have been more wrong.

Not only do they have to deal with the disputations from their uncle’s young wife, who only received a pair of earrings, and the meddlesome, inquisitive neighbors. But, things take a turn for the worse when Mrs. Powell’s cat digs up a dead hand in the manor’s back garden.

A dead hand with a wedding ring on it that brings on a mass police investigation.

This is all too much for Sara, who is more than desperate to get back to her exciting life in New York as a screen writer. Her plan is to wrap things up quickly and leave but it seems near impossible because she’s the most suitable person to stay and sort things out.

To add to the craziness she finds herself taking an interest in the tall, dark and dangerously handsome Inspector Eric Jameson. It’s such a shame that he’s so hot-headed and quick- tempered, and so irritating with his insistence in dragging out the investigation of the manor so much longer than necessary.

Finding this hand is the miracle Eric Jameson was waiting for to re-open the Johnny Deluga case. That the hand was found on the grounds of the Muller Manor are a complete mystery to him, but a mystery he’ll gladly accept.

This case is more than just a case to him and he’s eager to find answers. Hopefully ones that will help him find his sister, whose been missing for the last two years.

He has no time for the lack of cooperation exhibited by the likes of Sara Muller and her strange sisters. And no, he won’t be distracted by the interest he finds himself taking in Sara.

All hell breaks loose this summer for the residents of Summerville as a bizarre whirlwind of events sweeps them off their feet.
 Find out what happens in “Tangled Webs”…

Available at http://channillo.com/series/tangled-webs/

The Objection to Affection 

I’m so very excited to have received a publishing contract with World Castle Publishing. 

My book The Objection to Affection,  will be released this summer , and will be available in both print and e-book. Here is a teaser. Hope you like it. 

So this is what happens when when you fall out of the frying pan and into the fire. 

When Allyson Summers lost her job at The Bay News as a prestigious investigative journalist she thought things were bad. 

Never could she imagine that life could actually get worse when she’s asked to work on her best friend’s wedding with her childhood nemesis Zack Collins, a retired marine. 

Zack Collins couldn’t imagine anything worse than working on this wedding with Allyson , especially since he retired from the marines to recoupriate from a terrible experience in Afghanistan. 

As life throws them together in the most bizarre situations they realise that they’ve both changed from the people they used to be when they were younger. They couldn’t be more surprised when they find themselves attracted to each other. Find out where that attraction leads in The Objection To Affection. 


Hairfinity Vs Biotin


Khardine Gray

So after some YouTube reviews I decided that I’d try both Hairfinity and Biotin. No, not at the same time. A few years back I tried Hairfinity and I thought it was great but so expensive and I couldn’t really keep up with it. 

My hair was also over processed relaxed ( super fried) so I couldn’t really measure the benefits of the tablet. I did see some hair growth but because my hair was so damaged I lost a lot of length on a daily basis.

I have since become natural. I decided to do this when I was pregnant with my second child. I did relax my hair again seven months after my son was born, but I’m deciding for sure now that relaxers are not for me. That’ll be in another post. 

Anyway, after I had my son my natural hair started to shed and I suffered from post -natal hair loss. That’s when I decided to try biotin. I have tried it now for a hundred days and I can honestly say that while my nails and lashes grew my hair didn’t really grow that much. No more than usual that’s for sure.

My edges were what I was worried about most as it looked terrible when I had my hair out or tied back in a ponytail. Trust me it looked bad. 

So after watching and reading reviews I’ve decided to go back to Hairfinity. This time by measuring it with my natural hair, that is now chemical free. There has been a lot of great reviews so I’ll see for myself if it will work for me. 

Stay tuned. I’ll do a report every month to show the growth and I’ll start taking it from today.  

 Hope you enjoy my hair journey.